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Lindsey, Allison, and Nicki are the weavers behind Wayward Wovens, as well as busy stay-at-home moms with a total of seven young children. Saying we are passionate about our work would be an understatement. We feel so fortunate to be able to share a piece (or two!) with you. Knowing the cloth that we create is used to snuggle your little ones is such an incredible feeling and makes all the late nights worth it.

Our weaving journey all began with a love for keeping our babies close, a local baby wearing group, and an extreme appreciation for handwoven wraps. The friendship we share allows us to have a lot of fun while we collaborate, creating beautiful pieces of cloth to share with other enthusiasts.

We each love various parts of the weaving process, but the combination of designing and hand dyeing amazing colorways, using an interesting array of fibers, and testing new weave structures remains our favorite. We enjoy the artistry and the personal touch we are able to weave into our work with each throw of the shuttle across the loom.



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Hand dyed handwoven fabric
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