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We founded Wayward Wovens in 2016, as a way to combine our enthusiasm for babywearing with our fondness for fiber arts, science and design. Since becoming parents, we realized that some of our dreams and goals had shifted, but our passion to learn and create held strong.

We know that many caregivers can relate to this feeling- that sense of having lost something of yourself while going about the all-consuming task of caring for small humans. While at times we may feel stuck, we also know that these life experiences can lead us to change course; to discover a new waypoint on our path.

Wayward Wovens represents the vast journey that is life and parenthood. It is our mission to create heirloom textiles that are not only caregiving tools, but bring you a sense of joy and adventure. Our hope is that, wherever you wander, you will find a bit more of yourself along the way.

Thank you for taking us along on your journey,

Nicki, Lindsey, & Allison



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