March 2019

Spring 2019 Great Competition of Weavers Entry



4.6m plus 10" twisted fringe

Warp: Supima cotton

Weft: 10/2 ringspun cotton

Weave: Ralph Griswold crackle


Growing up wild among the trees, the moss and dirt and creepy crawlies

Little hands turning over stones, In search of small creatures and dinosaur bones


Bare feet balancing on an old fallen oak

Listening to the green frogs croak


Weaving flowers into crowns, while sticks become swords

A whole kingdom awaits you on the forest floor


Building memories in mushrooms and rich brown mud

Inhaling a tale of new growth, where past life once stood


Here among spider webs and morning dew drops

Worries fade away and time stops


These wild woods, enchanting and free

A world of your own, full of possibility

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