Wayward Wanderers: How to host a handwoven wrap

One of our main goals for 2018 has been to weave a traveling wrap in every fiber combination we offer. What is a traveling wrap, you may ask? These are pieces that we send out to interested babywearers, for short visits. They are able to try the wraps for about a week, and then ship them on to the next host. Fun, right? Hosting travelers was one of my favorite parts of participating in the babywearing community when my children were younger, and I love sending pieces out just as much now!

The first wrap in our 2018 Wayward Wanderers series was an all-cotton 6 meter piece of Make It Bright. It is currently on tour in the US, and our lovely hosts are enthusiastically sharing their pictures and thoughts in our Facebook chatter group and on Instagram.

Handwoven babywrap. Hand dyed rainbow. Cotton warp. Cotton weft. Wayward Wovens. Make It Bright.

The most recent wrap in the series is a 5.2 meter, Tencel/silk/linen blend piece of Going to the Sun. The application to host this wrap is open through Friday, May 4, 2018. If you are interested in trying one of our pieces, please join us on Facebook and submit your application!

Picture collage. Three images. Handwoven, Hand dyed baby wrap. Wayward Wovens. Going to the Sun. 5.2 meters. Tencel warp, Silk-linen weft.

If you missed the deadline, don't worry - there are several more wraps yet to be woven, and new applications will be posted when those pieces are released. 2018 is promising to be a fantastic year! Happy wrapping!

- The Wayward Team