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While we certainly find inspiration everywhere, and are often found dreaming about our next big project, there is something so satisfying about a nice long Pinterest session. If you are already an avid Pinterest user, you know exactly what we mean. If not... well, what are you waiting for? You can find everything from recipes to do-it-yourself projects, and a whole world of colorful inspiration, right at your fingertips. I have used Pinterest for countless redecorating and home renovation projects, as well as meal and party planning. And now I use it for weaving and dye work as well!

We have launched an official Wayward Pinterest page, and we would LOVE to have you join in on the fun! Follow our Wayward Yarn Dyeing board, and we will add you on as an *Official Wayward Inspiration Collaborator*. You will be able to add pins to our board, and see what others are dreaming of as well. We cannot wait to see your ideas, and bring them to life!

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