We were so happy to be able to share the last month celebrating our first Wayward Weavaversary with you! We are so thankful for everyone who has been with us during our weaving journey thus far. While we did our redesigned website launch, complete with new webshop, and some fun giveaways, our highlight was definitely the super secret, one of a kind wrap release of "Here Comes the Sun."

We decided several months back that we wanted to do a big celebration, and what better way to do that then to do a special fiber combination on a collaboration piece from all us. The hardest part- we wanted to keep it secret. It was so hard not to share any of the process. We typically share almost instantly, at every step of the process.

We had a few design ideas early on which just involved shades of purple and orange, and I did a few mockups for layout, they weren't quite right. Nicki had the idea to do something with the addition of pinks and blues. We tossed ideas back and forth, and Lindsey created a beautiful mock up.

We wanted to use an extra special fiber, and in the end, we decided it had to be rose/silk from Saltwater Threads. Nicki, per her organized self, did test dyes. Dyeing new fibers is often full of surprises, and the rose/silk was no exception. The saturated colors we had originally envisioned turned out as soft and subtle as the fiber itself. After sitting with it for a few days, we decided that the colors fit the feel of the fiber exceptionally well, so we ran with it. It turned out to be an amazing "accident" of sorts.

On warp dyeing day, Lindsey and I were supposed to help, but childcare plans changed at the last minute, so Nicki rocked the dyeing on her own. I think the temperature was a balmy 100 degrees that day. While not fun for dyeing in that type of heat (with a mask, gloves, etc), it works great for batching the dye. Small win for the nearly unbearable heat and humidity of southern Illinois Summers.

I chose a draft that seemed almost vintage and the perfect texture to pair with the subtle colors of the warp. The weft choice of noil silk in its natural color brought it all together.

Nicki sped through weaving. Or at least it seemed that way because now came the part that most people really don't even think about: naming. Naming a wrap is like naming a child- only harder. We needed something that captured the soft colors of the warp and delicate nature of the weave, but also something that expressed the sentiment of our weaving over the past year and looking to the future. Sounds easy, right?!? After many late nights and brainstorming sessions with no less than hundreds of words/phrases/feelings, it all fell into place. Here Comes the Sun. It was perfect.

My biggest contribution to the project was the photoshoot at the end of it all, but it is one of my absolute favorite parts! We all get together, to take beauty shots while our 7 kiddos have a playdate. The success of these ventures varies. This time, the day, and the kids, were pretty great for capturing this one-of-a-kind wrap.

While only one wrap was woven from this warp, there was a bit of extra scrap that may be used for new items (yet to be determined) in the shop. Stay tuned! The three lucky giveaway winners in Wayward Wovens Chatter each got a small part of this warp to help commemorate being part of our amazing first year. Thank you again for being a part of our Weavaversary celebration! We would not be here without you and can't wait to celebrate again next year!