Never Grow Up


February 2017

In all aspects of my life, I'm drawn to bold, saturated colors. I'm captivated by rainbows - not only due to the vivid colors, but also because of the feelings those colors evoke when arranged in a very specific way. Every color is needed; an integral part of the whole. A rainbow can stand for equality, it can be a beacon of hope or a symbol of new life and second chances. A rainbow just makes you smile.


This was the start of the idea for "Never Grow Up", which came to represent childhood, love, and simply, happiness. It was named after the bittersweet feeling we have while watching our children grow, as well as a small nod to Peter Pan. I fell completely in love with this warp during the process of dying, measuring and beaming. I had the absolute pleasure of weaving pieces from Never Grow Up for three amazing women and mothers and I have a ring sling piece of my own.

Bamboo weft - folded
Bamboo weft - selvedges
Bamboo weft - swirled fabric
Navy cotton weft - front carry
Ring sling, flat shot with fringe
Ring sling, close up view of weave
Close up of rings and fringe

Wrap Weavers at ANWG superlative competition, July 2017
"Rainbowiest Rainbow"