Mr. Fahrenheit


March 2017

When I listen to the soundtrack of my life, the playlist is long. Most songs only get played once, a few get played a second time, and very rarely, some get put on repeat. In my youth, throughout the years of finding myself as a young adult and all over again as a parent, Queen has been on repeat. While the dramatic, layered harmonies speak to me, my love for the music is due in part to Freddie Mercury. This piece is inspired by his confidence, charisma, and ability to be himself, unabashedly.


The vibrant colors are drawn from a multicolored arrow/feather jacket he wore on tour, and hand painted on a reeled silk warp. The color flow of the jacket is mimicked from tail to tail in the wrap. The weave structure is feather-esque, and modified from a Susan J Foulkes design.


"I'm burning through the sky, yeah 200 degrees, that's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit I'm traveling at the speed of light I wanna make a supersonic man outta you! Don't stop me now!" --Freddie Mercury

Hand dyed warp chains
Flat shot of woven wrap
Close up image of woven fabric
Folded wrap with crown middle marker
Folded wrap
Candy cane chest belt
Back carry, side view
Back carry, view of shoulder
Chest pass, side view
Wrapping action shot, rear view

Great Competition of Weavers entry, April 2017