December 2016

Moonchild is a monochrome tencel warp, named after my daughter's love for the moon. The warp design reminds me of a bright, full moon on a dark, clear night. 3 sister pieces have been woven on this warp. The 3.6m sister piece features a rainbow dyed, slub cotton weft in a modified diamond twill, while the 4.0m piece has a hand dyed variegated grey cottohemp weft in a pebble weave. The final 4.3m piece was woven with variagated red, burgundy and black Tencel in a modified diamond weave. 

Rainbow weft, back carry, rear view
Rainbow weft, front carry
Rainbow weft, on the loom
Rainbow weft, front carry
Rainbow weft, rolled wrap
Rainbow weft, folded wrap
Rainbow weft, folded in pleats
Grey weft, on the loom
Grey weft, rolled wrap
Grey weft, folded wrap
red weft, folded wrap
red weft, rolled wrap
red weft, piled wrap

Weaver Exhibition entry, Loom to Wrap 3rd Birthday Bash, December 2016