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July 2016

This wrap was near and dear to me, as it was my first wrap warp ever.  I used a photo that my husband took of some mushrooms while hiking in the woods shortly after we were married. I knew the first time I saw the photo, I wanted to turn it into an earthy inspired wrap.


While originally only planned as a 5.2m longie, it ended up at 5.6m! I used a fluffy, soft 5/2 birch-colored bamboo weft on a warp of 8/2 pre-dyed cotton. It is still one of my favorite wraps to date and also features a signature weave that I created myself.

There is only one sister to the main Microcosm wrap, and it is a 2m piece with dark green cotton weft that will always be with me at home.

Warp chains
Warp chains
Sleyed yarn in the reed
Woven cloth, bamboo weft
Logo tag middle marker
Woven wrap, knotted
Woven wrap
Candy cane chest belt
Woven wrap, chest belt and knot
Woven wrap
Front carry, bottom view
Woven wrap, green weft
Woven wrap pleats
Woven wrap, knotted
Candy cane chest belt
Woven wrap, 2 passes
Woven wrap fancy finish
Woven wrap, stacked
Warp on loom
Woven cloth, view of underside
Cloth beam
Woven wraps, folded
Woven cloth, light bamboo weft
Beaming the warp
Warp chains
Warp beam, view from below

Wrap Weavers at ANWG superlative competition, July 2017
"Most authentic interpretation of a photo inspiration" & "Most toddlerworthy"


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