March 2017

Great Competition of Weavers entry, April 2017


When I first heard of the competition theme for the Great Competition of Weavers (Spring 2017), I immediately thought of Keyboard Cat.  But really, a meme? There was no way that would work, right? I kept trying to think of other ideas, but couldn’t shake how fun it would be, so I decided to go with it. I figured if it did not work out at all, then the meme was entirely appropriate. Play me off, Keyboard Cat.

It was a challenge to design and executing a beautiful wrap inspired by a silly internet meme, but it presented a unique opportunity to create something beautiful from a rather unconventional idea of beauty.


Maestro is a OOAK wrap woven in a crackle weave with sections in the structure resembling claw marks, featuring a hand-dyed weft that gives texture and balances the warp colors.

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