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In stock wraps and accessories can be purchased in our shop. If you have any questions about an in stock item, we would be happy to answer them.

New wrap releases will be sold by way of random draw to purchase and fastest fingers for sale posts within the Wayward Wovens Chatter group. Full payment is required within 24 hours, unless another agreement is made prior to entering a draw.


Some semi-customs will be offered. Opportunities will be posted in the chatter.


Occasionally, we may auction an item. Deletion of bids during an auction is grounds for removal from the Facebook group. Payment is due within 24 hours of the close of the auction.


If you win a draw or auction, but fail to pay, this could result in disqualification from future draws/auctions, or removal from the Facebook group, at our discretion.


We are not offering full customs regularly. Some opportunities will be offered on Facebook, at the discretion of Wayward Wovens.



When purchasing a semi-custom piece of a warp, you will have the opportunity to choose your length, and weft from a list of fibers, as well as colors and dye technique. Occasionally, you may have a choice of weave structure as well. Join us on Facebook to watch for the next semi-custom opportunity.




Occasionally, full custom opportunities will be available. When purchasing a full custom, you will be able to choose your warp and weft fibers, from a list of available options, as well as be involved in the warp design and naming process. Wayward Wovens reserves the right to sell sister pieces of your custom warp, although you may choose to have us create a one-of-a-kind piece for an additional fee.


Right-to-buy passes are occasionally offered as prizes on our social media outlets. If you are the winner of a right-to-buy pass from Wayward Wovens, you may use your pass to purchase any wrap offered to that group, before they go up for draw. Your right-to-buy pass is good for one wrap or scrap item purchase.


We know how awesome is it to be able to get the perfect wrap, and we want to make our wraps as accessible as possible. We offer options of payment plans through Paypal (invoiced wraps directly from Paypal, via our Facebook releases). Please contact us for more details and to work out payment options prior to purchase. 

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