March 2019

Spring 2019 Great Competition of Weavers Entry


Inspired by a photo of blueberries and growing our own garden on our little homestead. 

16/4 Supima cotton warp
8/2 eggplant Tencel weft

There is something very intimate about growing your own food. Preparing the soil. Touching each seed as is goes into the ground. Picking each piece at harvest. Preserving seeds. The cycle continues over and over again each season. 

I compare each seed in the garden as how I see each strand of yarn in woven cloth. Each piece of thread is picked, prepared, measured, and woven. The weaver places each strand with care. Measures each strand, threads them, and then repeats the action over and over again. 

Just as in the garden I become connected with the earth, I find a connection to each piece of cloth I weave and a connection to each family that uses it to carry their children. 

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