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July 2016

Harper is a hand dyed Georgia cotton warp in purple, magenta, orange and golden yellow. It was named after a sweet babywearing friend's daughter, Harper. 4 sister pieces were woven on this warp: 4.6m in eggplant tencel in a zigzag faux crackle twill, 4.4m in pastel rainbow mulberry silk in a twill, 3.6m split weft piece in half gold/half red purple tencel with a clasped weft change at the middle marker in a faux crackle twill and a long ring sling conversion piece in red purple tencel in a zig zag faux crackle twill.

Eggplant weft, hanging flat shot
Eggplant weft, on the loom
Eggplant weft, rolled wrap
Back carry, view of shoulder
Pastel silk weft, on the loom
Silk weft, swirled wrap
Silk weft, folded with middle marker
Silk weft, rolled wrap
Silk weft, chest belt
Silk weft back carry, side view
Split tencel weft, chest pass
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