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Floral Embrace

Floral Embrace was a collaborative effort between Wayward Wovens, Handwoven Honey, and 2Lambie Creations. Samantha from Handwoven Honey dyed this gorgeous cotton warp, which I then wove in 3 different weft fibers for 2Lambie Creations to convert into carriers and bags. I also wove one wrap piece, in chunky slate bamboo.


June 2017

Warp inspiration, flower bouquet
Dyed warp chains, in basket
Collage of warp beaming
Woven cloth, eggplant Tencel weft
Woven cloth, gold Tencel weft
Woven cloth, with pirns
Conversion pieces, stacked
Conversion piece, speckle silk weft
Conversion piece, gold Tencel weft
Conversion piece, navy cotton weft
Conversion piece, eggplant Tencel
Woven wrap, rolled
Woven wrap, front view
Woven wrap, close back view
Woven wrap, piled
Woven wrap, tails
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