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March/April 2016

Aurelia is an unmercerized cotton warp, inspired by the jellyfish! This warp grads from navy blue, to teals, to light orange and finally to burnt orange. I challenged myself to create a design that flowed but with very few colors - only 5 were used! 4 different pieces were woven from this warp; the first was a 4m piece with a grey cotton weft in a zig zag twill and has been used in several fun scrappy projects. The 2nd piece was 3.6m and has an eggplant tencel weft in a faux crackle twill. The 3rd piece was 3.6m in charcoal tencel weft and a pebble weave, while the 4th piece was woven with midnight blue bamboo in a diamond variation and has been converted into an onbuhimo by 2Lambie Creations!

Warp chains arranged in an arch
Warp on a sectional beam
Bamboo weft, on the loom
Grey cotton weft, on the loom
3 sister pieces, folded and stacked
3 sister pieces, draped over trunk
Eggplant weft, front carry
Eggplant weft, back carry
Tencel weft, back carry
Bamboo weft, back carry
Bamboo weft, onbuhimo back carry
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